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Challenge yourself -- surpass the summit

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                                                  Challenge yourself -- surpass the summit

       With excitement and tension, I finally look forward to two days and one night outdoor development activities, this expansion activity is in the picturesque scenery of the Kowloon Mountain training base, April blossom, flowers and birds. Under the careful arrangement of the company's leaders, we have launched the outward bound training program.
       The purpose of this activity is to hone the team, challenge oneself, enhance the will to act, inspire morale, serious attitude, eliminate job burnout, establish effective communication.
      On the morning of the 14 day, we took a tour bus and approached our destination. Before departure, everyone attended the event with an empty cup mentality. For the first time, what challenges will be faced with? Let's wait and see.

       The base is a vegetative, quiet place, full of fresh air, floating flowers. The coach didn't take us to the formal training immediately after arrival, but gave us camouflage clothes, warm-up (you know), grouping, team name design, team training, team song, announcement of discipline, everyone wearing uniforms, standing on the green grass, really a little "join the army" feeling, we forgot here Age forgets gender.
14 morning: finishing the formation and building the team

War wolf team

Snow Wolf  team

Surpass the team

The eagle team

        Let's first play a little game to warm up. Can you guess what this means? They are all rookies.

       In the process of growing up, we need to overcome all difficulties, forge ahead and transform perfectly.

       99 seconds to complete five relay game challenges, we all devote ourselves to it, the perfect parabola, tacit cooperation, the spirit of not giving up, harvested a successful experience.

       On the afternoon of the 14th, "Back-to-Back Wrestling": Each competitor was asked to stand on a 1.5-meter high backstage, with his back to everyone. The rest of the group used their hands to protect the fallen athletes behind them. This game has no pressure on the team without courage. Some timid players, after many attempts, gradually no longer nervous, chose to challenge themselves, believe in their team! Through this game, we learn to trust, to understand the importance of commitment, to better understand and encourage others.

        After a short break, we began a new experience of "command in the sand." Fourth Army confronted each other. Commanders were responsible for commanding operations with their limbs. They could not speak out. Commanders issued orders. Soldiers wore blindfolds to fight. The scene was quite intense, there were lightning strikes, there were his team hit, and "Martyr's Cemetery" is not blind to small partners.

        Through this game, we recognize the importance of accurate information transmission, while testing the trust and tacit understanding between players, in order to win in the fierce competition, organizational leadership and coordination is very important, execution is also indispensable.

       On the morning of the 15th, after a night's rest, everyone was refreshed and ready for the challenge of the new day.

       Through this game, we have learned the way and necessity of communication. Communication is the foundation of team building and the guarantee of task completion. Breaking through the rules of thinking, making full use of rules, the importance of information sharing and timely feedback. Experience two-way communication and deep communication, enhance the understanding of communication methods.

       On the afternoon of the 15th, "Qiqiaoboards", each group of personnel received a designated task, members can not leave the bench, only through the middle of the team to pass drawings and Qiqiaoboards, to win the highest score. At first, we fought for a piece of board, a few pieces of paper, and then we did the integration of resources, we all have a sense of win-win cooperation.

       The second day's activity came to an end and the coach gave us 10 minutes to rest. Finally, we can have a chance to take photos. See if I jump high? Flying youth!!! What's that squatting doing? Do you want to win at the starting line?



We laugh like flowers!

       After the break, the coach took us to the last activity venue, "graduation wall". The wall is 4.2 meters high, requiring no use of any props, so that everyone can climb over the graduation wall. Coach let us choose, can choose to give up, this expansion is over, then this wall is our failure wall. If we choose to climb up the challenge, this wall is our success wall. We looked up at the high iron wall, and though we were still a little worried about not meeting the challenge, we bravely chose to climb.

       Before the challenge began, the coach explained the rules carefully: 1, without any props, 2, all members must successfully overturn, 3, except the commander, the other members can not speak.

       Next, we chose a member as a commander, with nine years of department life, and the coach asked us to shout slogans to show our determination to challenge before starting the challenge.

       Everyone turned around and gathered tightly together, shouting: POCE team, go all out! POCE team, go all out! POCE team, go all out!

       The coach said, too low a voice, we may not be able to challenge success, again and again, we never give up. So we tried our best to scream, over and over again: POCE team, go all out! POCE team, go all out! POCE team, go all out! POCE team, go all out! At that moment, we finally have a deep understanding of what is: "people together called a party, heart together called a team." At that moment, our hearts close, shouted out the voice is so neat, so penetrating, clear! Clearly shows our determination to overcome difficulties and overcome difficulties.

        The slogan ended, the whistle sounded, and the challenge began. Just as we managed to climb up to the three members, the coach said the game stopped because some of us broke the rules and spoke. We should punish our commanders and make 20 Fu stays. For the first time, the commander relaxed 20 bowels. The game started again, and as our members climbed over the walls one by one, the coach stopped us again because there were people talking in the middle and the game came back. The number of people who have climbed over the wall is not counted. Again, the commander was punished, and because he had spent a lot of energy climbing the wall, this time he had to grit his teeth and do 20 push-ups, so tired that he fell on the ground. We see this scene, how indifferent the heart is, how self blame. Think this time, I must do a good job, can no longer let the commander be punished, can not add trouble to the team.


This time, we all worked together, no one had broken the rules. Silently dedication, as time goes on, one, two, three, ten, forty... We are fearless and brave enough to climb up. The horn of victory is blowing at us!

       This time, very smoothly, when the last member succeeded, everyone cheered, more than 40 people all succeeded in climbing over the wall, we finally completed the challenge! And the time is 27 minutes, which is 13 minutes less than our own 40 points. Great! We have to cheer for ourselves, cheer for our team, have to marvel at the strength of the team, no matter how difficult, as long as we are closely united, one place to think, one place to make every effort, we can certainly succeed!


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