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POCE international testing and Certification Center excellent staff Guilin two days tour in Yangshuo

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POCE international testing and Certification Center excellent staff Guilin two days tour in Yangshuo

       September 10 - 11, 2016, in order to reward advanced, rich staff spare time activities, POCE testing certification center outstanding staff Guilin tourism activities began.
       In order to make full use of the limited time, we arrived at Guilin by train on the evening of the 9 th. When we arrived at the station, the tour guide Miss took us to a tourist bus. As soon as she got on the bus, the tour guide began to explain to us "Guilin". Guilin's tourism industry is the economic pillar, the mountains are green, the water is beautiful, the cave is strange, the stone is beautiful, and the snacks in Guilin. Enjoying the scenery of the Guilin, we soon went to the hotel where we stayed.
       After dinner, we went to the sun and moon Twin Towers scenic spot, the sun moon Twin Towers in the Guilin Lake Center. The sun tower is a copper tower with nine floors. The moon tower is a glazed Pagoda with seven main layers of white light. With the glittering lights, the Twin Towers looks very beautiful in the night.
After visiting the Sun and Moon Towers, we reluctantly returned to the hotel to rest in preparation for the next day's visit to the Lijiang-Xingping fishing village.

Map 1 Sun Moon Twin Towers Scenic Area

      On the second day, we began our first day of Guilin tour. After more than two hours, we came to Xingping Town, Yangshuo county.
      There was a shower, but it didn't affect our determination. It was only 300 meters from the parking lot to the wharf. We used all the rain shelters and hurried to the wharf. We successfully boarded the cruise ship to see the beautiful scenery of Xingping.
      With the start of the pleasure boat, the landscape of the Lijiang river slowly came into our eyes. Although the sky is still raining, it does not affect our view of landscape. On the contrary, just let us find the best place of "misty rain and Lijiang". The mist on the mountain is winding, kissing the mountain peak, as graceful as fairyland!
      It is shocking to see the Lijiang River. The water was green and green as if it were a flawless jade. The waves that the paddle stirs up diffuses a way of water, which makes you feel that the boat is advancing and the shore is moving backward. The mountains on both sides stand out from each other, and they are not connected. It's like a landscape painting. Everyone took a photo. They didn't want to miss the beautiful scenery.

Fig. two cruise ship in Xingping Jiajing

       There are many cruise ships going up and down the river. Several cruise ships meet. The tourists on the boat are glad to say hello to the friends of other boats. Hello! " And waving
       After an hour and a half of boat sightseeing, we got off the boat. On the way from the wharf to the restaurant, there were many Guilin specialty shops on both sides, such as osmanthus cake, pine candy, ginger candy, pine candy and so on. The price was relatively affordable. Our POCE colleagues bought a lot of them, and they had to take them back to share with their family and friends.
       If Yangshuo is a big bonsai, the big banyan scenic spot in Yangshuo is the embellishment of this bonsai. After lunch, we came to the grand banyan scenic area. It is no exaggeration to say that the whole scenic spot of the Big Banyan Tree is like a natural, spiritual and artistic Chinese landscape painting. The center of the scenic spot is a large banyan tree over 1500 years old.

Fig. three grand banyan Scenic Area

      Here we put on national costumes, but also experienced the customs of ethnic minorities, clothes look very beautiful!

       Leaving the banyan tree, we headed to the Jinshui rock, known by French geologists as the "wonder of the world's karst caves", where various stalactites of different geological ages were gathered, some of them were young and crystal clear, and some of them were dark brown, which was really vivid and vivid. Snow-capped mountains and waterfalls, the underwater world, the throne of the Dragon Palace, where nature's ghosts and axes are displayed vividly and vividly.
       Jinshuiyan main features mud bath area hot springs, feel Guilin unique underground river caves, into the caves, walk on the road of Jinshuiyan, as if a fairyland on earth, feel the deep underground climate conditions, hot summer, but also a special feeling, but also enjoy. After walking for more than an hour, we came out of the cave, suddenly the light appeared to be a bit dazzling, and finally from the "fairyland" back to "the world".
Along the ten-mile gallery, we also passed the Moon Mountain, the wagon driving on the lunar path, let us feel the Moon Mountain Yin, clear, round, lack of wonderful changes. No wonder President Nixon called it "the magic of nature".

Fig. four Jinshui rock (the ghosts of nature).

       After dinner, we went to Yangshuo West Street to find treasure again. West Street is the most historic street in Yangshuo. West Street was built in 1674. West Street has become a new cultural landscape in Yangshuo. Walking into the West Street is like walking into a neat farmyard. You will be warmly treated and you will buy good and cheap goods.
You will taste delicious Chinese and Western food. People say that the West Street is full of excellent cultural antiquity. Wandering around the West Street, bought some special products, and happily returned to the hotel where we stayed. The day's journey is over. Go back to the room and enjoy the photos.
       The second day, the morning "Xanadu", afternoon Xiangshan Guilin scenic area, mu Longhu scenic spot. Is "Xanadu" really the one written by Tao Yuanming?
       After about an hour, I finally arrived at my destination. This time we watched the scenery along the boat by boat. Here is sparsely populated, with a strong national flavor and beautiful mountains and rivers, which are truly "Xanadu". We passed through the bridge of wishes, made wishes, and told our wishes and hearts to the paradise of the great beauty of the world. Suddenly, a bright song came, and the girl sang at the dance. Dressed in bright national costumes, they welcome guests from afar with songs and dances full of strong national flavor.
       More than 40 minutes of the journey, we got off the boat, there is a section of the browsing area, you can enjoy the Miao characteristics of the building - wind and rain bridge. We also saw handmade handicrafts made by ethnic minorities. Experiencing the folk customs of ethnic minorities. We have to lament the exquisite skills and intelligence of the minority nationalities.
       We left this dreamlike "paradise" with reluctance and embarked on the journey back to Guilin.
       After lunch, we took a big boat to browse the landscape of Guilin. As we all know, the city mark of Guilin is the famous "elephant hill" far and near. If you don't see the elephant hill, it means you haven't been to Guilin. So this is a scenic spot for tourists to visit Guilin. When the cruise ship arrived near Xiangshan and reached the best viewing angle, everyone got on the top of the boat and took a picture with Xiangshan. Along the way, we also saw the famous mountain peaks of the old man mountain, Diecai mountain and other Guilin.
       After leaving the boat, we arrived at the last stop today, the Mu Long Lake scenic area. Here, in addition to the beautiful scenery, there are ethnic marriage customs, ASEAN Ten Countries Style Performance and so on: the theatre with the scenery of Mulong Lake as the background, staged folk songs and dances, costumes display, Thai demons and other programs, take us to enjoy the fantastic exotic amorous feelings!
Here, we have a lucky colleague to experience a Dai marriage customs, do a Dai "son-in-law at home". I wonder if he would kneel on the rubbing board when he got home.
       In a short period of two days, we visited the most elite scenic spots in Guilin, did not enter the shopping mall, very grateful for the tour arranged for us by Guangxi National Travel. The trip to Guilin has fulfilled our dream, enjoyed the beautiful scenery like the fairyland of Guilin, and appreciated the simple character of the people of Guilin. Guilin is a place worth visiting again and again. Next time, we'll take our friends and family and take a trip to Guilin again! Farewell to the beautiful Guilin!



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